What should I bring to The Kids Cabin?
Bring a backpack or diaper bag.  It should have diapers, wipes, change of clothes, bottles, or sippy cups, special blankets (whatever makes them feel comfortable) and a lunch that does not have to be cooked.  We do not have a kitchen.  Please label all food and bags.
Does The Kids Cabin provide lunch or snacks?
The Kids Cabin lunchtime is at 11:30 am, however, we do not provide lunch.  If your child is attending during this time bring a lunch.  Please label all items in lunchbox.
We have snacks at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.  We serve pretzels, goldfish, and animal crackers and water.  We do not serve juice or milk.
What if my child has a food allergy?
Make sure all staff is aware of the food allergy.  The Kids Cabin does not allow children to walk around with food.  Lunch and snacks are monitored closely by the staff.
Do I need a reservation?
Absolutely!  The Kids Cabin is by reservation only.  If you make a reservation at 8am you will be charged by your reservation time.  If you are late for your reservation, you will still be charged for your original reservation time. 

What is The Kids Cabin Cancellation Policy?
Gym Members:  You may call the day of the reservation to cancel and you will not be charged.  If you are a no show, you will be charged for the full amount.
Drop in Daycare:  During the high season, you must give The Kids Cabin 48 hours notice to cancel your reservation.  If not you will be charged the full amount.  We will take a credit card number upon the making of the reservation.