Tired of paying drop in prices?
The 12 hour per week program is designed for parents that need childcare on a consistent basis, but have varying schedules.

For example, if you work part time and your schedule varies week to week, then we are the Daycare for you! We welocme flexible schedules.

It is a minimum 3 month commitment 
(you may extend it for as long as you want)

The rate drops from 11.00 per hour to 8.00 per hour for 0 - 2 yr old and 6.00 per hour for 2 yrs old and above
You must bring your child a minimum of 12 hours per week, and you can divy up the hours however you like.
You may bring your child more than the 12 hours and the price remains the same.
Click on the the link for the contract in the registration form tab!
12 Hour per Week Program!